hey, i guess i made a blog or whatever. name's robbie. robbie v. i'm in a band, i play guitar. it's pretty cool, i guess.

((ugh college fucked me over so i had to get things worked out. sorry for not being on!! uwu))

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I want a horror game that’s not dark, or foggy, or covered in guts and blood. I want a horror game that is set in broad daylight and uses detail to slowly unsettle the gamer, instead of dumb jump scares. I want to play a game that leaves me too nervous to look out windows or in mirrors or be in open spaces. I need something that’s not just another moody game where monsters chase you through nasty surroundings.

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Birthday Brunch


It was a wonder Tambry didn’t cause more destruction in her haste for affection, nearly throwing her load into Robbie’s arms to speed up the process in anticipation of another hug. It had been far too long since they had this kind of moment, and every second not spent touching him seemed like an utter waste. She giggled and bounced up and down excitedly after the kiss, unable to contain her painfully dorky childishness in front of the person who knew her best.

"I don’t care at all! I’m just… I’m really fucking happy to see you." Tambry moved forward to lay her head on his chest, relishing in his warmth and closeness as much as she could without actively clambering to hold onto him like a purple koala to a skinny gray and black tree. But if there was one thing she knew from having dated Robert for so long, it was that this lanky body was not meant to carry someone as heavy as her for more than a few minutes at a time, and that was only if that action was the only thing on their minds. Add in anything else and all coordination went to hell, resulting in a fair number of scrapes and the occasional bruise. 

So she stayed back a little bit to allow him room to work, hugging him from behind and peering at whatever she hadn’t ruined on the countertop. “…why the fuck didn’t you put this stuff in bags, Robs?”

Robbie snickered and pulled her in again, running long fingers through her soft hair. 

"if you aren’t careful, you’re gonna bounce right out of your own skin, Tam. …I’m happy to see you too. I missed the shit out of you."

He pressed his face into the junction of her heck and shoulder, clinging slightly tight as he leaned down for just a few moments. Reluctantly, he let go, but was gratified to feel her begin to hug his back, and set upon separating the remaining objects into their respective categories. In less than a minute, everything was in it’s proper place, and Robbie glanced back at the sound of Tambry’s voice.

The teen glanced at the stuff on the table and back at his temporary attachment blankly before blushing a little and looking away sheepishly. 

"I may or may not have been a little too excited to get over here."

He honestly hadn’t even realized bags would make everything easier. To avoid the embarrassment, he snatched up the now-dirty ramekins and began to wash them off in the sink. They, the cream cheese dough rounds, the sour cream, and the half-and-half were all placed in the refrigerator until they would be needed.

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Started on my newest tattoo today. Getting it coloured next month.

Getting it done by Neil at Arctic Tattoo in Tromsø

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me every time there is a cat regardless of the situation (via spockular)

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how long has it been…?


how long has it been…?

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Birthday Brunch


Tambry grimaced as she released the lid of the garbage can, backing away as quickly as humanly possible to escape the cloud of rotting food and remains of Robert’s so-called “cake”. How on Earth could someone so good with numbers fail this spectacularly? Really, it was almost a talent for him to be this horrible with food. Oh well. At least there was a cupcake waiting for her somewhere else in this house. 

She moved to head up the stairs when the knock sounded, freezing mid-step before turning around to open it. She’s already seen her family members today, and it was weird to have her friends knock on the door instead of just barging in through an upstairs window. So who could…


The birthday girl squeaked and rushed forward to pull her best friend in a hug, more likely than not upsetting the sloppy pile of ingredients and supplies in his arms. Wait, ingredients? What did… oh thank God, he was actually mentally capable of fulfilling his birthday gift promise today! This was perfect! Not only was Robbie here, but his work was sure to overpower the stench of Robert’s cooking failure!

"Dude, you made it! Come on, come inside!" She pulled away and dragged Robbie inside, rushing out to collect whatever mess she made before following him to the kitchen.

Robbie jumped a little at the sudden exclamation and subsequent hug, the poor little dish on his foot finally striking the ground. He slipped back, trying to readjust his balance so only about half the stuff he was carrying fell. Good thing he had had the forethought to put the fragile stuff on bottom. Except the chilled dishes… He looked back at the ground, noticing only two of the six had broken from the long fall, and grinned inwardly in triumph. He only really needed two anyways.

"Of course I made it!" He scoffed as he was pulled very very forcefully into the house, barely managing to keep the rest of his supplies in hand. The dark-haired teen made his way to the kitchen, relaxing in the familiar atmosphere of Tambry’s house. It always smelled nice, and held a feeling of pacification that he wasn’t used to anywhere else. Carefully, Robbie separated the things he still had into separate piles for each dish he had planned for- a total of 5.

As soon as Tambry entered the kitchen he snagged the rest of the ingredients, placing them down without any form of attempt to organize them accordingly, and swooped the girl into his arms. Robbie squeezed her tightly to his chest, placing a kiss on her cheek. A smile was spread across his face when he leaned back,

"I haven’t cooked in a few months, so I hope you don’t care I’m makng you a birthday feast. All vegetarian, of course. Made sure everything was good, too."

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Friend: make yourself at home mi casa es su casa.
Me: okay! * jacks off in the shower. *

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